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Bayonne, which functioned for a long time as a port of Navarre, found itself in the 11th century with an unusable port, blinded by the sands of the Landes. These events, together with the advantages of the recent charter, gave rise to an important Gascon emigration (bourgeoisie of shipowners and merchants of Bayonne), which soon occupied and ruled the old Roman Izurum, under the protection of the walls, which by then was already known as the town of San Sebastian.

The Kings of Castile will count in 1248 for the first time with naval forces of San Sebastian, which will take part in disabling the Moorish squadron and the Bridge of Barcas, located where today is the bridge of Triana, which resulted in the surrender of the city of Seville.

Alfonso VIII will swear the fueros and will initiate the long series of privileges granted to San Sebastian, tending to maintain some alive the Navarrese traffic and others a privileged situation of the merchants of San Sebastian in the Castilian market.

On the death of the latter in 1369, murdered by his half-brother Enrique de Trastámara, and after the rise to the throne of the bastard Enrique, the Crown of Castile would enter into a decided alliance with the French monarch. This position originated a border of tension with the English Aquitaine, being, for this reason, strongly affected the commercial relations between Aquitaine and San Sebastian.

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Can you imagine working and at the same time enjoying common areas with sports, leisure and recreational activities? How would you like to be surrounded by modern, bright, functional, diaphanous and multipurpose rooms where you can choose how to spend every minute of your life?

It is as simple as moving to one of the most prosperous areas in the north of Madrid today, from an economic and service point of view: San Sebastián de los Reyes. There you will find a project as versatile as interesting, which adapts to the new pace of life.

This new construction trend is characterized by its scarce divisions between rooms. Walls and doors become flexible elements that can be changed to make the most of the available square meters. Rooms are joined together making it easier and more comfortable to distribute them according to your needs.

Contemporary kitchens have opened up to the heart of the home so that the space flows freely, between the kitchen and the living room, without walls or doors. This new concept is known as open concept kitchen, fulfilling an increasingly pragmatic function. Thus, cooking, serving, baking, setting and clearing the table are easier and more pleasant to do in an open kitchen like this one. The large window brings natural light which saves electricity, while giving a greater sense of spaciousness.Read moreContact912 174 761DiscardFavourite1/30Loft in Polígono Industrial Norte 220.000 € Has been reduced 80.941 €Magnificent Loft located in a very quiet area of San Sebastián de los Reyes. Located near Antena 3, gyms and restaurant areas and just minutes from downtown and the Infanta Sofia hospital.

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Our private detective agency offers its investigation services in San Sebastian de los Reyes, emblematic municipality of Madrid, where our private detectives develop their functions.

Our detectives San Sebastian de los Reyes 24 hours, are those who provide the best sense of resolution for any type of problem that have both our corporate clients and all those who request our research activities in a specialized manner, which is why we are on call throughout the night.

Our detectives San Sebastian de los Reyes 24 hours, are those who provide us with the best sense of research and have the ability to positively affect everything that could be linked to the management of research elements.

Our detectives San Sebastian de los Reyes 24 hours, are those who provide the best sense of response to various research problems, so that from our agency we can make viable the best sense of inquiry for all those who require the implementation of an investigative process of relevance, with this, you can make the best decision.

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