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Mexican director Alonso Ruizpalacios surprised at the Berlin Festival with this daring documentary proposal that combines fiction and non-fiction, the real and the invented, to make an X-ray of the police in Mexico. An institution loaded with controversy and corruption, in this film the police become self-reflective and the result is stimulating.

It was on the verge of being among the nominees for the Oscars 2022, but finally did not make it past the short list for Best Documentary. No matter: in this work by Robert Greene we follow a group of survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests as they fight for justice. Its gaze charged with honesty, compassion and a willingness to find justice make it a must-see documentary.

The producers of ‘El impostor’ and ‘A los gatos, ni tocarlos’ are back on the attack with this amazing documentary that will leave you glued to the couch from beginning to end. The story centers on a con man who posed as a powerful tycoon and seduced women on the Internet through Tinder to swindle them out of millions of dollars. With the victims at the forefront, ‘The Tinder scammer’ has become a hit on the platform.

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Horror films are becoming more and more complex when trying to provoke intense fear. Current plots try to use new resources or mix stories with classic horror formulas, such as haunted houses, ghosts or demonic entities to attract the viewer’s attention.

As the plot progresses, one can notice the use of already seen resources. However, there is an interesting factor: the use of mathematical formulas to understand the secrets kept in that old house and the use of several mythologies to tie the ends with the supernatural world.

But these details are left behind, after the direction of the story takes us back to the classic use of occultism and the paranormal world as the main resource. This is without enhancing the interesting factors.

The film is based on a short film by Muldowney himself, «The Ten Steps». In this piece he shows the same plot, which manages to catch the viewer in the 10 minutes it lasts. Although the feature film tries to cause the same sensation, it does not completely succeed.

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– With 42 days to go before the Exit Plebiscite, 46% of the population would vote rejection, if the elections were held this Sunday (- 0.3 points). 30.1% would vote approve (++ 2.1 points), 13.4% are undecided, 4.1% null/blank and 6.4% do not vote�….

The gender approach is much more than describing the differences between men and women. For those working in market research, it can facilitate the discovery of insights that emerge when certain questions are asked and observed at…

Consolidating a stage of modernization, the National Association of Advertisers, ANDA, is presenting its new image, with which it seeks to project itself into the future in the marketing industry and update its brand, while maintaining its identity. Fernando Mo…

The market research company Ipsos launched its most recent report «Claves Ipsos», for which it surveyed 800 people in order to identify the main problems and concerns of Chileans and to describe their opinion on the main issues and…

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The Adventist Education Network bases its pedagogy on biblical-Christian principles. These values are applied in all of the student’s academic experiences. To reinforce this experience, the Network develops the Master Plan for Spiritual Development (PMDE), which emphasizes, every two months, the virtues that should be part of life in society, such as: humility, equality, generosity and integrity. A complete formation, which considers the human being as a manifestation of God’s love, care and creation.

The approaches become broader and more segmented, with specialized teachers in each discipline. The Adventist Educational Network offers laboratory support, exchanges and differentiated didactics.

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