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Residence acalis las condes

The Ombudsman, after analyzing the complaints received and given the dramatic data on the number of people affected and deceased in residences that are becoming known, considers it necessary to reinforce health care measures in the centers and to pay attention to other rights of people who are confined in residential centers, which are postponed in the face of the urgency of protecting their lives.

To this end, it points out that coordination with the departments responsible for health care should be improved and urges that the residences obtain adequate medical and nursing support, at least through the on-site and provisional assignment of reinforcement health personnel, the delivery of the necessary health equipment for the care function, the supply of individual protection equipment for the personnel and the performance of diagnostic tests on all residents and center personnel.

The Ombudsman also considers it urgent for the service providers (or, failing that, the corresponding authority) to replace the sick leave of nursing home workers in order to guarantee adequate care (hygiene, food, mobilization, etc.) for the elderly.

Las Condes Senior Residence

There are no reliable statistics on the population institutionalized in residences for the elderly, a social service (1), as well as a form of coexistence differentiated from family dwellings, whose data on households, types and persons are well known (2).

If we compare the age structure of the population in nursing homes with that of the general population, we observe a structure that is almost symmetrically inverse to that of the elderly population living in family dwellings (Figure 3). This over-aged structure implies a greater probability of finding very old people in residences; a face-to-face proximity and interaction between them is assumed; they are probably more fragile and with more limitations for activities of daily living, with mobility problems and other disabilities and chronic pathologies; the older they are, the more problems.

(3) There seem to be similarities in the symptoms of those who died in nursing homes with those recorded in the official computation of the Ministry of Health, but coronavirus testing in nursing homes has not been extended, so that many deaths in these homes are not counted in the official computation.

Acalis ñuñoa

For this reason, in the press conference that he holds every week, this Thursday he has placed special emphasis on asking the Member States for their «commitment» to protect the elderly in the residences and their caregivers.

«These measures will help reduce the spread of the virus, and will allow the controlled opening once again of these homes to families and visitors,» explained the expert, who has also asked that, «from now on», prioritize «quality, resources, strong and sustainable care systems» that giving value to the «needs and dignity of people should be our gold standard».

«Many today are unable to receive visits from family and friends.  They no longer receive the emotional and physical support that such visits provide. Sometimes residents face the threat of abuse and neglect,» he continued.

Santiago Senior Citizens Residence

After the second year of high school, it is time to make one of the most important decisions in life: what to study, what to do, where? The answers are very personal, but if we have to go to live away from home, the best option is to do it in a College.

Speaking from personal experience, I recommend it. Living together can be difficult at the beginning and you may be looking forward to the weekend to go back home, but after a short time the opposite will happen.

A Colegio Mayor is very different from a residence, even if people don’t know it. In a residence hall you do not know everyone who lives there, there are not so many cultural or sports activities, and you do not have the opportunity to complement your academic education regardless of the career you are pursuing.

A Colegio Mayor is a second home, and if you adapt quickly to living with other people, it can be much more than that. Here you will make friends for life, with whom you will share unforgettable experiences and grow personally and professionally. As part of the collegial activity you will be responsible for various aspects of the life of the Major. Participating in sports teams, coordinating internal events or organizing educational and cultural activities will provide you with an interesting background for your incorporation into the working world.

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